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Our purpose is to assist parents in educating covenant children in accordance with God’s Word as we confess that in the Three Forms of Unity and to equip and assist them in developing their individual gifts and talents for a joyful life of responsible stewardship to God’s glory.


We see today’s students being tomorrow’s parents, educators, school board and ultimately, Christ’s image bearers.  We see these leaders fully committed to living out faithful obedience rooted in a Biblical worldview while using their gifts for God’s glory and kingdom as Prophets, Priests and Kings.

In this we educate with an eternal perspective.  We trust and pursue this vision with faith rooted in Jesus Christ – not in the efforts of humankind.

As parents and members of the supporting Reformed community, we acknowledge that we must raise our covenant children in an educational environment permeated with the Word of God.  

We have therefore established this school to assist parents in equipping the children with the tools needed to function in this world as Prophets, Priests and Kings.

So what exactly does that mean and how does it apply?

The Old Testament describes three offices of human leadership: Prophets, Priests and Kings. Likewise, these three roles carry over into the New Testament with Jesus’ ministry. As Prophet, Jesus reveals God to us and speaks God’s words to us. As Priest, He both offers a sacrifice to God on our behalf and is Himself the sacrifice that is offered. Finally, as King, He rules over the church and universe.

Like their Saviour, Christians are called to function as Prophets, Priests and Kings.  Christian education encourages students to speak prophetically (“to warm and to warn”), to be selfsacrificial helpers of the needy, and to care for creation and defend any of its members being oppressed.


Confessing Christ in all the aspects of life and growing in knowledge.  To a prophet goes the work of proclaiming the good news of 
the kingdom, so that more people can learn of God’s redemptive narrative for their lives.


A life of service.  The priest cares for and serves the people, making disciples and teaching the family of God how to enjoy new life in Jesus. As priests, we live lives of thankful sacrifice and therefore serve God in His Kingdom.

  • Praise (Heb. 13:15; Hosea 14:2; Ps. 107:22) We are to praise God continually for our salvation in Jesus Christ. We do so by confessing, praising and and testifying with our lips to the glory of God.
  • Family Life (Deut. 6:4-9) We are to function as priests of the Lord in our homes by teaching God’s law and requiring obedience to it.
  • Work (1 Cor. 10:31; Col. 3:23-24) As priests we do everything to the glory of God. There is no separation between worship and vocation. Martin Luther said “if a person was justified by faith in Christ, then … any work was God’s work, whether it was ploughing the field, milling the corn, sweeping the house, or bringing up children.”

A life of stewardship.  To a king goes the work of managing the kingdom, wisely stewarding the resources God has provided so that the church can grow until eventually the Good News reaches all nations.