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Harvest Canadian Reformed Christian School provides a curriculum that is defined by clear goals and high expectations so that students can fully realize their potential and be prepared for highschool and further life skills. Our teachers use methods in and out of the classroom that reflect God’s Word and prepare students for a life of service for Christ. Students are challenged academically to use the Bible as a filter for all information and see life and education through a Biblical worldview.

Our curriculum is a living curriculum that is always growing to match the ever-changing needs of our students and the world. Our goal is to prepare students beyond their physical education – in order to impact others for Christ.


We are excited to offer a biblically integrated curriculum, which includes Bible, Language Arts, Mathematics, Church History, History, Science, Geography, French, Social Studies, Art, Music, Technology and Physical Education.

Academically, students will:
  • Learn academic skills and attitudes for preparation and success in high school
  • Communicate clearly through writing and speaking
  • Develop creative and critical thinking
  • Strive for excellence and realize their full God-given potential
  • Pursue independent study in areas of personal interest
Spiritually, students will:
  • Develop character, self-discipline, responsibility and accountability
  • Display attitudes of love and respect towards the God, themselves and each other
  • Develop appropriate methods of Bible study, the memorization of Scripture, and a foundational knowledge of the Bible
  • Formulate a Christian world and life view by integrating life and studies with the Bible and by identifying and refuting the non-Christian philosophies, culture, and practices which are prevalent in society
  • Develop a servant heart and bring joy to individuals and culture